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Sporting goods and outdoor wares once required gigantic, warehouse-style stores filled with pseudo-experts and a rock climbing wall. As fun as it is to ascend a 30-ft artificial cliff face in the middle of a department store, merchandising and moving thousands of sports and outdoors SKUs is best executed online. Compete and win big with an optimized ecommerce store. 
  • Gym Supplies
  • Fishing Accessories
  • Sports Gear & Equipment
  • Athletic Apparel
  • Camping Supplies
  • Hunting & Firearms
  • Kayaking &  Surfing
  • Personal Watercraft
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  • Crowded Field
    There are over one million wholesalers and manufacturers in the US alone; if you have a wide assortment of goods, selling online is the best option. 
  • Skating to the Puck
    By the year 2040, it’s projected that more than 90% of all purchases will take place online. 
  • Pump Your Conversion 
    Ecommerce stores can increase conversion rate by nearly 40% with an optimized checkout design. 
  • Fast Technology
    Ecommerce-enabling technology is not only faster, it's more affordable and reliable than ever before.
  • Par for the Course 
    Building a modern ecommerce website is a short putt thanks to plug-and-play solutions and drag-and-drop template designs. 

Omnichannel Brands

You need dedicated swimlanes for different types of customers, so we’ll create a personalized experience for every buyer. 

B2B Commerce

If you’re targeting B2B clients such as Sportsman’s Warehouse instead of individual sportsmans, we build customized online navigation, tailored checkout options, appropriate payment methods and custom shipping options.

D2C Commerce

To athletes and amateurs alike, a trip to your website should feel like the ultimate victory lap full thanks to a custom shopping experience, savvy product merchandising and a pain-free checkout. 


For companies with gigantic gear collections, take advantage of tier pricing, payment installment choices and customized catalog management to make your customers feel like big shots. 

Let’s Win the Game of Ecommerce 

Shopify Payments & POS
A winning ecommerce solution is like a star athlete. 

Fast. Intelligent. High-performance.

  • Well Built

    Modern ecommerce sites are scalable, secure and reliable. They’re built for speed AND endurance.
  • Performance Enhancing Design

    Personalized user experiences give your site a fresh appearance and the performance-enhancing edge they need to grow sales. 
  • Strengthening Sales

    Attracting new customers and retaining current ones has never been easier with integrated, embedded marketing technologies. 
  • Bowling for Buyers

    Native omnichannel solutions ensure the right buyers are in the right lanes. 
  • Check the Scoreboard 

    Enjoy performance data through automatic reporting, and apply these insights to ensure you keep winning big. 


year-over-year growth in the ecommerce industry 

$756 billion

in lost annual ecommerce sales due to poor personalization 


of US internet users have used a mobile device to shop online


of people churn after only two poor customer experiences
We strive to help businesses go through digital transformation and enter the eCommerce era with strong foundations and the resources they need to thrive.
Denis Dyli
Founder @ UNCAP
We’re not interested in participation trophies. 

We’ll produce a championship-caliber ecommerce setup. 

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Synergee Fitness

"The team always found a way to get things done."

Joey Huneau
Founder @ Synergee Fitness Worldwide Inc
They delivered everything within the deadline and budget.They never used the word ‘’impossible’’ — their team always found a way to get things done.
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Shivani Jain
Co-Founder @ Cubii
Everything from design to development of our ecommerce website for Cubii was managed with utmost attention to detail and timeliness.
Pete Suter
CEO @ Shirley's Popcorn
They are incredibly responsive, honest, and innovative. I've literally never worked with any vendor or partner who works as hard, or is as committed.
Alex Reed
Co-Founder @ Truman's
Every time we presented a new challenge, the team worked tirelessly to find and implement the solution. My company is thrilled with the end result and blown away by the level of customer service received during and after the project.
Jonit Bookheim
Co-Founder  @ Mata Traders
They genuinely want to create something that will make their clients happy and successful.

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“We're very happy with the result - our site looks great, works well, and is exactly what we had in mind. Would recommend Uncap highly.”
Kim Misrahi
Marketing Manager @ Kalorik
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