Ecommerce Customer Retention Optimization through Loyalty, Subscriptions & Engagement

Revolutionize your ecommerce game and keep your customers coming back for more! With our cutting-edge approach, we're here to transform your business by offering personalized experiences tailored just for your audience. Elevate customer appreciation and engagement, turning casual browsers into committed, lifelong enthusiasts and loyal buyers.
  • Product Subscriptions
  • Membership Programs
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Pricing & Rebates
  • Automated Email & SMS
  • Personalized Experiences
Andrew O'Rourke
Jeff Copher
The team was exceptionally collaborative vis-à-vis unexpected issues and diligent in helping to troubleshoot. Their technical expertise and streamlined workflow were both highlights of the engagement.
Shopify Subscription Ecommerce

Loyal community around your brand isn't just hoped for—it's engineered

Shopify Payments & POS

Product Subscriptions

Transform your eCommerce business with a robust subscription model that delights your customers and boosts your bottom line. Elevate your eCommerce growth and ensure customer loyalty with personalized, effective, and automated recurring orders; turning occasional purchases into consistent revenue streams.

Intuitive Checkout Experiences

Customize your shopping experience and allow customers to make one-time purchases and create new subscriptions all in one checkout. We'll remove all friction from the cart and deliver speedy conversions! 

Post-Purchase Engagement

Everyone knows the sale doesn't stop with the purchase. Grow lifetime value by integrating follow-ups via email or SMS into the customer journey and share product information, special offers and renewal reminders.

Winning Retention Strategies

Create an easy-to-use customer portal so your subscribers can easily customize their settings. By making things easy to personalize, we'll eliminate frustration, increase satisfaction and reduce churn.


Designing for mobile checkout is obvious, but making sure a subscription can be modified with a few taps of the thumb is equally important. We'll ensure the entire journey is phone-friendly! 

The Right Stack

We'll integrate the perfect solutions for email, SMS, loyalty and everything in between to make sure your customers' subscription experiences are as amazing as your website.  
  • Ecommerce integration
  • Native checkouts
  • Unique customer portals
  • Theme customizations
  • Email and SMS integrations
  • Data and analytics
  • Customer service solutions
  • Ongoing support
Subscription Capabilities & Integrations

We'll handle everything from soup to nuts. Even if you don't sell soup or nuts.

As the experts in ReCharge Payments, we deliver unique, tailor-made subscription solutions which are fully integrated with your Shopify ecommerce site and designed to achieve customer loyalty.
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Welding Store Logo

We launched Codex into a new era.

Ina Subramanian
SVP Marketing @ Codex Beauty Labs
Uncap delivered an outstanding new site that’s received high praise from both internal and external stakeholders. The team was efficient, responsive, and communicative. Their senior management brought excellent best practices to the table, too. Uncap is an organized vendor that delivers on time.
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Welding Store Case Study
We'll provide a service which surpasses all your expectations...even if they're insanely high :) 

Let's take your subscription business to new heights.

Meet Our Customers
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Shivani Jain
Co-Founder @ Cubii
Everything from design to development of our ecommerce website for Cubii was managed with utmost attention to detail and timeliness.
Pete Suter
CEO @ Shirley's Popcorn
They are incredibly responsive, honest, and innovative. I've literally never worked with any vendor or partner who works as hard, or is as committed.
Alex Reed
Co-Founder @ Truman's
Every time we presented a new challenge, the team worked tirelessly to find and implement the solution. My company is thrilled with the end result and blown away by the level of customer service received during and after the project.
Jonit Bookheim
Co-Founder  @ Mata Traders
They genuinely want to create something that will make their clients happy and successful.

Subscribe to success.

More subscribers, higher retention rates and increased lifetime value–what’s not to like?
“We're very happy with the result - our site looks great, works well, and is exactly what we had in mind. Would recommend Uncap highly.”
Kim Misrahi
Marketing Manager @ Kalorik
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