The Best B2B Ecommerce Tech Stack for Shopify PLUS

E-commerce technology for B2B companies has never been more dynamic, affordable and accessible.
The Best B2B Ecommerce Tech Stack for Shopify PLUS

From websites and portals to communication and data tools, the immense landscape gives businesses a large number of options when building a “technology stack” or, more descriptively, the portfolio of digital products working synchronously to drive revenue growth. 

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed, though; we’ve built dozens of B2B e-commerce websites and technology stacks for high-growth companies and put together this breakdown just for you. (OK, not really just for you. But if you want us to take a look at your specific needs, please drop a line!)

1 - Shopify Plus

  • Backbone of front-end e-commerce websites
  • Large volume of native marketing and commerce tools
  • Large app library with integrations for every aspect of digital commerce 

Shopify Plus is THE engine, heart, lifeblood, etc. of any high performing B2B ecommerce technology stack. Drag and drop templates, native tools and thousands of integrations make it the center of gravity for all your e-commerce efforts. Start with Shopify Plus as your foundation, then build with advanced apps and integrations (with many notable options listed below) to supercharge your business.

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2 - Algolia

  • Native website search 
  • Filters & Faceted Navigations
  • Custom merchandising 

The B2B buying journey is not always transactional, and Algolia offers a solution for digital window shopping. Finding the right SKU is important, but doesn’t have to be difficult. Algolia’s advanced filters and discovery tools such as search offer B2B buyers a quicker path to discovery and purchase. 

3 - Klaviyo 

  • Email and SMS marketing 
  • Automated messaging and customer journey builders
  • Custom audience segmentation

Engagement with customers is key to creating high lifetime value, and Klaviyo’s email and text solutions offer efficient and personalized communication. Automated triggers and advanced segmentation are among the key features of Klaviyo that set it apart from traditional communication tools. Integrate Klaviyo with your store, your customer service platform and/or your subscription portal for a seamless experience across all touch points. 

4 - Nosto

  • Personalized shopping experiences
  • Product recommendations
  • Integrations with website, email and apps

B2B commerce has always been a “handshake business” wherein relationships reign supreme; Notso is bringing that level of personalization to the digital age. Its product recommendation engine creates an improved shopping experience across your site, email and apps. 

5 -

  • Store and product reviews
  • Reward points and loyalty
  • Referral programs

Stamped review, UCG, reward & referral systems bring credibility to a space where reputation is everything. Whether your business wants to reward loyalty and word of mouth, or just showcase all of its reviews and testimonials, Stamped enables social proof that’s native to the buying experience. Stamped integrates seamlessly with Shopify Plus and many of its premier apps, including email, SMS and customer service. 

6 - Celigo Integrator

  • ERP integrations
  • Tighter connections between your critical digital systems 
  • Data sharing for consistent and accurate reporting 

If you’re a manufacturer or distributor, you understand how critical an ERP is to “back-of-the-house” operations. Celigo ties your ERP to all of your front-end systems so they communicate, share data and work synchronously to deliver an excellent customer experience. The integration not only eliminates duplicative work, it ensures the consistency and accuracy of reporting on key business metrics. 

7 - Google Optimize

  • A/B Testing
  • Reporting and Optimizations 

When intuition isn’t enough for making tough calls, Google Optimize can step in and show what product, landing page or customer experience performs best for your business. Google Optimize is easy to set up and implement, and having results right at your fingertips can improve the quality and speed of decision making. 

8 - Gorgias 

  • Live support via email, chat, SMS or social media 
  • Chatbots and auto responders 
  • FAQ libraries

Going digital doesn’t mean taking the humans out of it completely, and Gorgias is the industry leader in customer service solutions for ecommerce sites. Whether you want an automated chatbot, a self-serve FAQ library or a legion of live representatives, Gorgias delivers the best tools for your business to create excellent customer experiences. Gorgias also has integrations with Shopify Plus and many of its key marketing and communication channels. 

9 - ReCharge Payments

  • Memberships and product subscriptions
  • Automatic recurring billing 
  • Customer portals 

If your business offers memberships or automated deliveries, use ReCharge Payments to automate order processing and billing. With ReCharge, you’ll benefit from the steady, predictable stream of revenue and your customers will benefit from the peace of mind of getting products when and where they need them. Customize the portal your customers access so they can personalize their subscription settings. 

10 - ShipStation 

  • Shipping & fulfillment platform
  • Integrations with Shopify Plus and major carriers 
  • Automated shipping parameters

Building products and attracting customers should be the hard part, not fulfilling orders. ShipStation is like an easy button for your operations team. With a tight Shopify integration as well as connections to carriers, ShipStation makes shipping and fulfillment a breeze. Customize your settings so that packaging, carriers or any other delivery conditions are selected automatically based on order or customer type. 

11 - ShipperHQ

  • Dimensional Packaging Shipping Rates
  • Advanced Shipping Rules based on zones, products, price, weight and more
  • LTL Freights Rates for heavy or oversized goods

If your product catalog deals with variety, regulations, or complexity—no matter the challenge—ShipperHQ can help solve logistical shipping and conversion issues BEFORE they start. Their platform gives you control of the rates and options you show your customers. They use your business logic to make it simple and easy to show your customers the most compelling shipping options at checkout.

12 - Finale Inventory 

  • Inventory management software 
  • Omnichannel capabilities 

Inventory management doesn’t have to be a headache, and tools like those provided by Finale Inventory simplify even the most complex outfits. Finale Inventory offers a cloud-based inventory software perfect for high volume, multichannel ecommerce and warehouse management businesses. 

13 - Plytix 

  • Product Information Management (PIM) system
  • Omnichannel product management 

Legacy product information systems were designed for slow-changing data, so Plytix built solutions for the fast-moving digital age. With Plytix, you can engage shoppers across most of the emerging channels, making sure the right users get the right updates and content at the perfect time. 

14 - Avalara 

  • Nexus tax rates and filing
  • State and country compliance assurance 

Selling online connects you with customers anywhere in the world — great for growth, but potentially challenging for tax compliance. Avalara’s automated tax compliance software delivers total peace of mind that you’re operating within the rules of any state or country. Let the pros take care of the complicated tax filings so you can focus on growing your business. 

15 -Sellbrite 

  • Omnichannel integrations
  • Marketplace management

Opening new sales channels can be a boon for business, but also for complexity. Sellbrite’s online tool enables integrations with the world’s largest ecommerce marketplaces, giving your products more exposure and demand without any of the complications of omnichannel sales. Consider Sellbrite an extension of your sales team as you open new channels of growth. 

16 - Impact 

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer and partnerships management

Partnering with third parties to promote and sell your products can be hugely successful, but also incredibly time consuming. Impact does the heavy lifting, matching you with the perfect partners and a range of options aligned to your goals and budget. With sophisticated tracking mechanisms, you’ll know exactly which types of partners or campaigns are producing the best results for your business.

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