Pivofy Takes Huge Leap Forward And Forms Sought-After Partnership With Shopify Plus

We are excited to announce that we at Pivofy have become a Shopify Plus Partner.
Pivofy Takes Huge Leap Forward And Forms Sought-After Partnership With Shopify Plus

We are excited to announce that we at Pivofy have become a Shopify Plus Partner. This is an important development for us as a Chicago-based boutique agency, but even more importantly, for our clients. The value added by a partnership with Shopify Plus puts us in a category with only a select few other businesses.

Pivofy has a track record of transforming ideas into successful realities, combining design with revenue. We are a #1 ranked and award-winning agency committed to producing custom, state-of-the-art e-commerce websites that are some of the most effective and sales-oriented on the market. Our partnership with Shopify Plus enables us to create even better web solutions for our clients.

How Shopify Plus Will Amplify Pivofy

Shopify Plus is an enterprise level solution built on the Shopify platform. Partnership with the Shopify Plus program provides Pivofy with greater capabilities in cloud hosting, premium data delivery network, enhanced support system, improved device responsiveness, and a scalable infrastructure for improved sales functionality.

Some of the features we're most excited to implement on our client's websites include globalization, wholesale B2B capabilities, automation solutions, complex ERP integrations, and customized checkout experiences. With the Shopify Plus globalization functionality, we'll be able to clone our client's sites to make localized sites for different international markets.

Using a more customization-friendly platform, we'll be able to create vendor-specific checkout experiences that flow with the design of our client's stores. This will make for an improved, seamless transition from shopping to checkout.

Clients migrating from other e-commerce solutions such as Magento will appreciate competitive advantages from using Shopify such as 24/7 support, extensive app and add-on library, bundled hosting, and easier-to-manage dashboards.

Our Clients Win With This Partnership

This exciting new partnership with Shopify Plus enables Pivofy to continue providing our clients with cutting-edge services and state-of-the-art technology. The abundance of features and capabilities allows us to fulfill the needs of nearly any business' requirements while ensuring that our clients get the best return on their investment.

Being early to market is a huge factor for most businesses, and the Shopify Plus platform helps us to expedite e-commerce websites to market in less than half the industry standard's time. It's now possible to build custom e-commerce solutions in a matter of months instead of close to a year.

Since the Shopify PLUS system utilizes hosted cloud-based solutions, our clients can rest easy knowing that they won't have any IT or security headaches to deal with.

There's no shortage of competition in the e-commerce space, but thanks to this new relationship, we'll be able to help our clients stand apart from their competitors. We're confident that this partnership will help us to continually move into the future as the market adapts, and that we'll be able to offer our clients immediate access to the latest features and functionality.

If you feel that a Shopify Plus solution could benefit you and are interested in learning more, please contact us to find out how we can help your business succeed.

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