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Constructing a Modern Future for Building Supplies

The breadth of building supply options can be overwhelming...especially if the buying process is cumbersome. Online commerce is removing the "run-around" and changing the way building supplies are sourced, shopped and shipped.
  • Fencing & Decking
  • Doors & Windows
  • HVAC & Accessories
  • Kitchen and Bath
  • Plumbing Supplies 
  • Roofing & Gutters
  • Welding Equipment
  • Painting & Paper Walls
  • Electrical & Lighting
  • Flooring & Tile
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  • Trending Transparency
    Online research and purchasing is now front and center for most B2B buyers. No more chasing down quotes, availability or lead times.
  • Internet Interaction
    Only one quarter of buyers say they want to interact in person with reps, so make online communication easy.
  • A Better Model
    The digital-first model is as or more effective than the old way of doing things, according to 75% of B2B decision makers.
  • Pain-Free Purchasing
    No more jumping through hoops. From custom quoting and payment options to omnichannel pricing capabilities, new technology is making the buying process easier than ever.
  • Simplicity for Sellers
    Having a digital storefront doesn't just help your customers. From managing inventory to quoting, selling and supporting your accounts, technology can help you operate more efficiently.
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Welding Store Logo

This digitally un-native brand fused new connections with customers.

Brandt DeVries
Director of Operations @ Welding Store
The personal touch, and constant communication is what separates them from other companies with a 50+ person team where the attention to detail may be lost.
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Welding Store Case Study

Omnichannel Brands

Different offerings may be sold through disparate channels, and native omnichannel sales tools makes that a cinch.

B2B Commerce

Your online experience needs to reflect your customer's buying process. From custom proposals to tiered pricing, supply your website with all the B2B tools needed to move more building materials.

D2C Commerce

If you sell to the end user of your product, we'll bring you closer together with personalized user experiences, effortless checkouts and post-purchase support.  


Make selling simple with a store designed specifically for the wholesale purchasing experience, even if you have a catalog the size of a mansion.

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Build timeless experiences

in a modern digital world

  • A sturdy web production

    Standard with today's ecommerce solutions: redundant security provisions, technologies that scale and virtually no downtime. They're designed to stand the test of time.
  • Numbers that add up

    Higher conversion rates, increased order volume and other metric enhancements are easily achieved with optimized user experiences based on your unique customers.
  • Impactful marketing operations

    Native marketing solutions drive the results that matter for websites, whether it's moving a particular SKU faster or selling a whole home's worth of supplies.
  • Well distributed

    Selling through multiple channels once required lots of chasing, information updates and manual tasks. Now, native omnichannel solutions make it easy to grow meaningful partnerships.
  • Key Indicators

    Enjoy rich insights and analytics right at your fingertips, eliminating those "fact finding" missions and making decisions easier and clearer than ever.


of B2B buyers anticipate "consumer-like" digital experiences.

>$1 trillion

is the approximate market value of B2B ecommerce.

Nearly 100%

of B2B buyers are comfortable with end-to-end digital purchasing processes.


is the size nearly all buyers would spend in an online transaction.
We strive to help businesses go through digital transformation and enter the eCommerce era with strong foundations and the resources they need to thrive.
Denis Dyli
Founder @ UNCAP
You deliver amazing supplies.

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Hello! We're Uncap, a boutique web design and development collective headquartered in Chicago. Our only focus: implementing end-to-end ecommerce solutions that drive results.

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Shivani Jain
Co-Founder @ Cubii
Everything from design to development of our ecommerce website for Cubii was managed with utmost attention to detail and timeliness.
Pete Suter
CEO @ Shirley's Popcorn
They are incredibly responsive, honest, and innovative. I've literally never worked with any vendor or partner who works as hard, or is as committed.
Alex Reed
Co-Founder @ Truman's
Every time we presented a new challenge, the team worked tirelessly to find and implement the solution. My company is thrilled with the end result and blown away by the level of customer service received during and after the project.
Jonit Bookheim
Co-Founder  @ Mata Traders
They genuinely want to create something that will make their clients happy and successful.

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“We're very happy with the result - our site looks great, works well, and is exactly what we had in mind. Would recommend Uncap highly.”
Kim Misrahi
Marketing Manager @ Kalorik
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