Moving and making things is the hard part. Selling them online isn't.

Heavy Equipment Ecommerce Made Easy

Manufacturers need machinery and accessories to support the build and transportation of their products. Once upon a time, buying said equipment required massive catalogs and so-so salespeople. But the momentum of online commerce coupled with emerging B2B-specific technologies changes the game for industrial equipment sales.
  • Conveyors
  • Dock Doors
  • Gearboxes and Motors
  • Lifts
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Cartoners
  • Cranes
  • Filler Machines
  • Safety Equipment
  • Racking
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  • Reach more of your customers
    Most B2B buyers are now researching and even buying good online. Capture your share of this increasingly large audience by leveling-up your company's digital presence and capabilities.
  • Give them what they want
    Less than one third of buyers want to interact in person with reps; meet your customers where they are.
  • Embracing change
    Three of four B2B decision makers believe the new, digital-first model is as or more effective than the way things were done previously.
  • Tech made simple
    New technology makes B2B ecommerce more capable than ever, from custom quoting and payment options to omnichannel pricing solutions.
  • Better for them, better for you
    Having a digital storefront makes life easier for your organization, from managing inventory to optimizing and personalizing pricing.


If your products are sold though a variety of distribution channels, we 'll build a site with native omnichannel sales tools equipped to handle that.

B2B Commerce

Whether you're selling B2B or B2B2B, we'll build your website with all the functionality needed to successfully move more product, including custom proposals and tiered pricing.

D2C Commerce

If you sell direct, we'll tighten that bond with your customer through amazing user experiences, speedy checkouts and remarkable post-purchase care.  


A custom-built store will enable wholesaling, even if you have a catalog the size of a warehouse.

Let's assemble the perfect ecommerce machine.

Shopify Payments & POS
The robustness and resilience you expect of your equipment

in a modern digital platform

  • Sturdy web production

    Standard with today's ecommerce solutions: redundant security elements, built-to-scale technologies and 99%+ uptime. Create a well-oiled machine.
  • Numbers that add up

    Custom and purpose-built user experiences result in improved checkout rates, order quantities and other performance targets that'll make your ears (and balance sheets) perk up.
  • Impactful marketing operations

    Embedded marketing solutions drive results that matter, whether it's moving individual equipment faster or outfitting an entire facility.
  • Well distributed

    Selling through multiple channels previously required some fancy maneuvering. Now, omnichannel technologies are designed to avoid conflicts and grow meaningful partnerships with recurring revenue.
  • Automated outputs

    Key insights and analytics can be delivered right to your fingertips, making executive decision making clearer and easier than ever.

More than 75%

of buyers look for "consumer-like" experiences on B2B sites.

$1 trillion+

is the approximate market size of the B2B ecommerce.

Nearly 100%

of B2B buyers accept fully end-to-end digital purchasing.


is the amount almost all buyers would spend in online transactions.
We strive to help businesses go through digital transformation and enter the eCommerce era with strong foundations and the resources they need to thrive.
Denis Dyli
Founder @ UNCAP
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We deliver amazing B2B Ecommerce capabilities.

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This digitally un-native brand fused new connections with customers.

Brandt DeVries
Director of Operations @ Welding Store
The personal touch, and constant communication is what separates them from other companies with a 50+ person team where the attention to detail may be lost.
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Greetings from Uncap! Based in Chicago, we're a boutique web design and development collective focused on one thing and one thing only: implementing end-to-end ecommerce solutions that drive results.

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Shivani Jain
Co-Founder @ Cubii
Everything from design to development of our ecommerce website for Cubii was managed with utmost attention to detail and timeliness.
Pete Suter
CEO @ Shirley's Popcorn
They are incredibly responsive, honest, and innovative. I've literally never worked with any vendor or partner who works as hard, or is as committed.
Alex Reed
Co-Founder @ Truman's
Every time we presented a new challenge, the team worked tirelessly to find and implement the solution. My company is thrilled with the end result and blown away by the level of customer service received during and after the project.
Jonit Bookheim
Co-Founder  @ Mata Traders
They genuinely want to create something that will make their clients happy and successful.

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“We're very happy with the result - our site looks great, works well, and is exactly what we had in mind. Would recommend Uncap highly.”
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Marketing Manager @ Kalorik
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