Shopify Plus B2B: 10 Perspectives from Industry Leading Experts

Navigate the B2B landscape on Shopify with direct advice from the leading Shopify Partners.
Shopify Plus B2B: 10 Perspectives from Industry Leading Experts

Unlock the intricacies of B2B commerce on Shopify Plus with a unique perspective – directly from the luminaries in the industry. In this curated blog post, we've assembled a collection of insightful quotes exclusively from top-tier experts, shedding light on best practices, emerging trends, and the keys to success.

This is not just another guide; it's a mosaic of wisdom and hands-on experiences. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established brand, these firsthand accounts will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the B2B landscape on Shopify more proficiently and confidently.

Dive in to gain a wealth of understanding straight from the leaders who shape the e-commerce world.

I think Shopify's made a great deal of progress beefing up its B2B e-commerce capabilities for Plus merchants. Shopify's push to be a commerce platform that extends beyond direct-to-consumer makes sense as merchants need to meet customers where they are. Shopify's recent deal with Faire is another signal that they're serious about giving merchants more B2B growth opportunities.

Peter Kang, Co-founder & CEO at Barrel

Shopify Plus has taken a significant stride into new territory with its focus on B2B e-commerce. This direction became apparent when Shopify acquired Handshake, signaling a commitment to enhancing the platform for B2B distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers. Initially, Shopify's Wholesale Channel did not live up to expectations, in my view, and this misstep temporarily hindered advancements in integrating B2B features into the online store platform. However, over the past year, Shopify has shifted its approach, substantially reinforcing these capabilities within storefronts. This has facilitated the creation of not just B2B but also hybrid websites, which are now both robust and versatile. The uptick in adoption and enthusiasm among merchants themselves is a testament to the platform's burgeoning success. Shopify has now positioned B2B as a cornerstone of its ecosystem, indicating that B2B e-commerce will be a focal point in their product development strategy. Our agency, which specializes in serving B2B clients, is eager to continue our collaboration with Shopify. We are enthusiastic about the prospects and confident that the trajectory we're on with Shopify is one of shared success.

Denis Dyli, Principal @ Uncap

Shopify’s move into B2B is a big step for merchants who are looking to launch for the first time or level-up their existing B2B offering. Out of the box, Shopify Plus merchants can now more easily enable price lists, B2B payment terms, and manage customers through Shopify’s new “Company Profiles”. There’s no question that Shopify’s native solution will be the silver-bullet for many merchants on their platform who have relatively simplistic B2B needs. For those looking for more advanced pricing configurations, more flexibility around payments, ways to embed their sales team into their B2B operation, or a more customised user-journey, there are limitations to be aware of that may be barriers to going “all in” using Shopify B2B. I have no doubt that Shopify’s product roadmap will address many of these limitations over time and right now; for now merchants will need to evaluate what they are willing to compromise for their B2B strategy and online growth!

Chris Mattingly, Co-Founder & CEO at SparkLayer

Shopify Plus B2B has the feel of Shopify Plus circa 2017. The need is clearly there and Shopify has a huge list of upcoming features that will empower brands and the agencies that support them in the coming years.

Nicholas Thomson, Head of Partnerships at The Maze Group

Shopify has traditionally been a D2C platform. Shopify had attempted to address some of the requests with the original Shopify Wholesale channel, but that had a very limited scope and was not an adequate solution for more mature brands. With the revamp of the B2B approach with Shopify B2B and the features that were brought in from the start, it is a clear signal that Shopify will continue to push to empower B2B merchants and departments as much as they do with D2C. I would expect Shopify to distinguish itself not only as a leader but also as a pacesetter in the next couple of years. And, that will lead to brands having a competitive disadvantage if they are not on Shopify B2B, just like the way it is a competitive disadvantage not to use Shopify for D2C.

Amer Grozdanić, CEO and Co-Founder at Praella

Shopify enables us to get work done faster, and cheaper than say compared to a commerce tools or other platforms. It’s also a bit friendlier for headless experiences in comparison to BigCommerce. Almost all platforms are at parity nowadays so I do think that we will continue to see Shopify play a strong role in the B2B space as they continue to invest into it. I also think other platforms will also grow at the same time.

Dennis Gorya, CEO, Founder, Partner at Tidal Commerce

As someone deeply entrenched in the ecommerce sphere, the expansion of Shopify into B2B is a thrilling evolution. It's not just about transacting business; it's about reshaping the B2B landscape with a blend of intuitive technology and customer-centric approaches. Shopify has always been a harbinger of retail innovation, and now, with its B2B platform, it’s weaving a new narrative that aligns wholesale commerce with the modern, digital-first ethos. The convergence of flexible customization, seamless admin experiences, and the promise of continuous feature enhancements makes Shopify's B2B platform a beacon of what’s next in the ecommerce arena. It’s an exhilarating time for both Shopify and the countless businesses that will flourish on this inclusive, forward-thinking platform.

Blake Sabeski, Director of Delivery at Noticed

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