16 Reasons to Migrate to Shopify Plus

Let’s examine Shopify’s noteworthy scale and robust infrastructure
16 Reasons to Migrate to Shopify Plus

Uncap was formed to serve clients with a wide range of ecommerce solutions on platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify. Over time, the company began exclusively implementing Shopify sites thanks to high demand and client satisfaction, as well as its rich ecosystem of technology partners and native apps. 

Since purposefully narrowing our focus, we’ve launched more than 300 projects on Shopify and successfully migrated 100+ e-commerce brands from their legacy platforms with the results validating our decision. Our team surveyed and interviewed many of these clients, and this article is a synthesis of their feedback.  

The Opportunity Cost

For starters, let’s examine Shopify’s noteworthy scale and robust infrastructure. It currently powers more than two million stores and even processed more than $7.5 billion in transactions (with no downtime) on the most recent Black Friday. So how did Shopify, a relative latecomer to the competitive landscape, take a leading position in e-commerce?

  • 1 - Rate of Innovation: Behind every great product is a remarkable team, and Shopify boasts a roster of 2,500 engineers and a total team which exceeds 10,000 employees. In the summer of 2022 the company released 100 new features, far outpacing its competition which is routinely six months behind the innovation curve.
  • 2 - Pace of Development: Led by the vision of its CEO, Shopify was built by technology innovators who sought to be at the cutting edge of the e-commerce industry. As a cloud-based platform, Shopify eliminates the headaches of maintaining infrastructure, servers, databases, compliance and other “details” small and even many large businesses aren’t equipped to handle. All of this enables a rate of development which far outpaces that of traditional e-commerce solutions. 
  • 3 - Speed of Maintenance: Once the initial site is developed, clients benefit from an industry-best Content Management System (CMS) with no-code, drag-and-drop functionality. Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 enables the simple customization of every page, allowing users to test visual content and any other assets with ease, perfect for marketing teams pushing to improve performance. 
  • 4 - Ease of Experimenting: Thanks to Shopify’s robust technology marketplace, brands can choose from more than 10,000 apps to unlock features and functionality such as email marketing, product recommendations, loyalty programs, shopping quizzes and more. If you need a ChatGPT helpdesk, you’re only a click away.
  • 5 - Application of Analytics: Track and manage the performance of your website with native dashboards and reports. Review attribution, channel performance, conversion rate and purchase metrics, then focus on improving your baselines with A/B and multivariate testing. 

Integrated Advantages

The Shopify platform is steeped in exclusive capabilities and functionalities which further separate it from alternative technologies. Let’s examine several of these advantages.

  • 6 - Checkout & Payments A contemporary one-click checkout solution, Shopify’s native payment processor delivers frictionless checkout to shoppers. Merchants can easily add Apple Pay, Android Pay, Paypal and other popular one-click options as well as a host of buy now, pay later options such as Affirm. Easy payment means higher conversion and lower bounce rates.
  • 7 - Shopify Protection: With a built-in SSL certificate, PCI compliance, optional risk analyses and tons of security provisions, Shopify remains one of the few technology platforms to never be hacked. Additionally, all product updates and security updates are directly managed by Shopify to reduce risk.
  • 8 - Sales Channels: Enjoy ready-to-use social commerce apps such as Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and more. It’s also easy to synchronize inventory and add products to popular retail marketplaces such as Walmart, Amazon and eBay. 
  • 9 - Scalable Infrastructure: From startups to enterprise customers, Shopify, Shopify Plus & Shopify Components provides companies the embedded tools and reliable infrastructure to eliminate downtime, offer reliably fast load speeds and maintain security.
  • 10 - API-first Tech Stack: Connecting with third party SaaS platforms is quick and easy with Shopify’s robust integration framework. You can expect any emergent platforms to connect with Shopify thanks to its network of more than two million stores and rich technology ecosystem. 
  • 11 - B2B Storefronts: Take advantage of Shopify Plus B2B, Shopify Vault and Shopify Scripts to build private portals with custom price lists, company-based accounts, NET terms, tailored checkout experiences, advanced payment options, algorithmic shipping alternatives and more.

Uncap Delivery

Uncap focuses relentlessly on results; clients can expect a feature-rich, fully integrated e-commerce website designed to convert visitors into buyers. Our approach is proven and consistent, hallmarked by the following practices: 

  • 12 - User Experience Design: All sites are optimized for a user experience which leads to conversion. We’re brand-centric and focused on telling the story, defining the value propositions and integrating content with commerce. The result is a modern experience customers will find simple and engaging. 
  • 13 - KPI Enhancement: Industry benchmarks are outlined and exceeded in areas such as site speed and search engine optimization (SEO). We optimize the cart and checkout experience with up- and cross-selling techniques in order to boost your average order values. Product reviews, loyalty programs, integrated social media content and more content elements are incorporated to boost conversion rate. 
  • 14 - Mobile-First Approach: With the vast majority of shoppers coming from a personal device, all Uncap websites are designed with a mobile-first lens to deliver one-tap checkouts. Every design consideration is made with a focus on delivering best-in-class performance metrics. 
  • 15 - Automated Processes: E-commerce businesses contain multitudes of complex operational practices, and we simplify those by automating functionalities, workflows and integrations while synchronizing your systems. For example, the email marketing tool Klaviyo can be incorporated to automate, segment and deliver outbound email and SMS messages to increase repeat purchase rates by as much as 50%. The result: less hands-on work and more accurate, consistent and predictable outcomes. 
  • 16 - Low Cost of Ownership: Thanks to economies of scale and maturing digital technologies, Shopify offers the most economical ecommerce solution of anything on the market. Enjoy no-cost maintenance and give your IT team a break from technical support and integration projects.

Sustained Success

After the initial launch, Uncap deliberately remains engaged with clients in order to optimize based on real-world results and opportunities. Our marketing team conducts usability tests, modifies the UX, optimizes the tech stack and continues developing additional functionality based on analysis of site data. There’s never a shortage of things to test and improve, so expect the same world-class strategy and execution on the other side of your store’s launch. Your success is our obsession.  

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